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By submitting this reservation form and the reservation deposit, such individual (the “Applicant”) solely reserves a spot on the priority list for Emerson Flats (the “Complex”), it does not guarantee a unit in the Complex. Placement on the priority list guarantees Applicant the ability to reserve a unit in the Complex at a future date. Applicant will be contacted by the leasing office to reserve a unit in the Complex, with the units available based on what has or has not been selected by applicants higher on the priority list. At such time, Applicant will be able to reserve a unit in the Complex by payment of all initial rental costs, of which the reservation deposit will be applied. Reservation and rental of a unit will be subject to screening protocols. If Applicant decides not to reserve a unit in the Complex, fails to pay all initial rental costs for a reserved units within ten (10) days of contact by the leasing office, fails to respond to the leasing office within ten (10) days of first attempted contact using the information provided, or is denied a reservation due to the screening protocol, then Applicant’s name shall be removed from the priority list and their reservation deposit shall be refunded in its entirety.

Inch&Co Property Management hereby states that with respect to Emerson Flats, we are acting as a landlord for the property.

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